Dearborn, Mi.   Speaking before 1500 workers of Ford North American Car division, noted author and personal growth coach Jerry Stanecki explained why, when you feed the spirit, the body would follow.

“When workers are stressed they produce less. When they feel happy they produce more, and feel stronger about wanting to produce more.  Simply explained, another word for spirituality is happiness,” said Stanecki, the author of the fast selling book Life is a Joke and God Wrote it. ( $14.95 at book stores.

Stanecki praised Ford manager for bringing a speaker who focused on the individual well being of the employees, rather than only on what the worker can do for the company.  “It took courage to bring someone in to speak about spiritual needs of the individual and how to feed these needs. —especially in these extremely stressful times.  It’s good to see that caring for the workers, because it just pays off double for the employer.”

A powerful moment in the event came when the 1500 employees, from Vice president to maintenance people, participated in a stress relieving meditation Stanecki taught them.

“It was incredible,” said one worker, “at the height of the meditation, Jerry paused, and the roar from the silence in that room was amazing.  You could actually feel the power of positive renewing energy.”

For years Jerry Stanecki has been a highly recognized  “On Air” Detroit television personality at WXYZ-TV as The Newshawk and WJBK-TV as “JUST STANECKI”.

Honored with 3 individual Emmys for his television work, Mr. Stanecki was named Humanitarian of the Year by EasternMichiganUniversity and  honored by the Michigan Education Association. The Detroit City Council, on two separate occasions, presented him with Detroit’s highest civilian award for contributions to the people in the community.

Jerry Stanecki is known for compassion and integrity, while looking at life with a twist of humor.

Jerry’s syndicated inspirational/motivational lifestyle column is featured locally in the MACOMB DAILY and 11 other newspapers. He has been published in the Detroit Free Press, The OAKLAND PRESS, HOUR Magazine, PLAYBOY Magazine, Oakland STYLE Magazine, and Observer-Eccentric Newspapers.

Jerry solutions for relief from anxiety stress and fear always bring an enthusiastic response from audiences.

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 Feed the Spirit and the body will follow.”