Life is a Joke and God Wrote it  a wonderful story of courage and hope.  It is, quite simply, the remarkable story of a miracle.

Life is a Joke and God Wrote it tells how a  extremely successful award winning (3 Emmy’s) journalist, slowly sank into the depth of addiction.  It details how painful  life was at very peak of success.

Thousands watched  Jerry Stanecki on television, knew his name, saw him battle for them, fix their problems as a consumer advocate.  What viewers didn’t see, was the incredible war Stanecki was secretly fighting.  A war that almost stole from him his Spirit. Jerry Stanecki was a “star” on the outside, while inside— he was dying.

Life is a Joke and God Wrote it is a powerful, proactive story of how, when faced with adversity, a man leans into the wind and learns a new way of thinking, a new way of living, and that pain has brought him perhaps the greatest gift of life.

Life is a Joke and God Wrote it, as New York Times Best selling Author,  Elmore “Dutch” Leonard says, is a guide for rising out of the ashes. Or, as Tim Allen, comedian/actor put it, “This book is a full meal for your heart and soul.” And it’s more. It’s a series of life stories that show how to eliminate stress, think differently, become proactive instead of reactive, and finally learn to celebrate life instead of just surviving it.

Life is a Joke and God Wrote it is a must read. $14.95 plus $3.55 S & H



FACT:    81 Million people in the United States are ages

35-54. Almost 42 Million are women.


FACT:    At age 35 we start to look at life and ask,

“Is this all there is?”


FACT:    Life is a joke and God Wrote it

answers the question: “Is this all there is?”
and offers more—much more.




“Thank-you for the journey. God has blessed you with your gift of writing and has blessed those of us that read it as well. You’ve made me laugh, cry and do some major thinking, all of which is good to do.”      Terri


“Just wanted to acknowledge you for your excellent book.  I read a few

sections out loud to my wife Carol and we both choked up in response to

the depth of feelings you captured.”  Craig Barton, Ph.D.


“Insightful and  well written. “Life is a Joke and God Wrote It” gives us a practical, yet colorful view of life. The insight, humor and candor reveals a true picture of all of us….Best wishes”–Ernie Harwell.


“Wow, Jerry, I think you really hit the ‘pot a gold’, when you refer to the secret to life is to enjoy the journey. (pg. 43) I’m sure that it’s a book that will be referred to as an inspirational source for the rest  of my life.”  David Hester


“ I was feeling rather depressed, going over all the reasons why I should leave my husband, when I happened upon your book. I must say that it was the title that first caught my attention. I purchased your book and read it in two days.  By the end of the first day I decided not to leave my husband, at least for now. It was so enlightening to read a book about being happy just to be happy Your book made me feel like I’ve known you forever. You really do “put yourself out there.” “

            Jerry Stanecki’s

                Life is a Joke and God Wrote it

                    CHANGES LIVES

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