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Author Jerry Stanecki designed his book Life is a Joke and God Wrote it   to not only entertain, but to inspire.

“I thought a lot about the best way to get the power of the message in Life is a Joke and God Wrote it,  into play,” said Stanecki. “The first part of the book gives the reader a taste of the life I was living and the insanity that surrounded it, to show my credentials for the proactive position I take in the rest of the book.“

Most of the book is a series of life stories that only take a few minutes to read, and can be read again and again.

“I suggest you read the book the first time alone, he added. “Then read the second part again with a friend or two. These life stories are designed to evoke different feelings. When a story is read with friends, and it kicks up some strong feelings, you can discuss those feelings with each other and instantly create a mini-support group.”

We all want to be heard and have our feelings validated. Stanecki has found a way to do that.

Life is a Joke and God Wrote it  offers solutions on how to change your life from a stress-filled survival, to a real celebration of living.

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