© Jerry Stanecki

Step outside into the cool of night and look into the darkness. Now, take a deep breath. . .another. That, my friends, is pure mountain air. Feel yourself start to come down, relax; this is what life is all about.

There! Did you see it, a shooting star blazing across the night sky? Ten zillion lights twinkle and directly overhead the Milky Way galaxy pours through the center of your view.

Welcome to Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada, an almost paradise nestled in the mountains less than two hours from Calgary and an hour from Banff.

I say almost paradise, because the folks in this community with the wisdom of Job have held down massive development of resorts, spas and tourist attractions. It’s a community that’s small, friendly and peaceful.

Turn off Trans Canada #1 onto Lake Louise road. At the 4-way stop, hand another right and it takes you to the village. Well, they call it a village, but it’s really a strip mall. A grocery, sports store, gifts shops, a place to eat. This is the heart of an intimate area of scattered businesses that keep Lake Louise ideal.

As you cross the bridge over the river on Village Road, pause for a moment, look to your left and see a scene that could be in a Hollywood movie. Perfect log cabins, three of them, with steep red tin roofs, sitting on the side of a quick moving river. Pine trees scattered between the cabins, flowers in the flower box—it is like something you’d create in a dream of how your place would be in the northern mountains.

Welcome to the POST HOTEL. It’s a rare treat when I can recommend a hotel and/or restaurant and feel completely at ease about what you will experience when you travel to the recommended site.

The POST HOTEL and award-winning restaurant are like winning a double jackpot at once. Staying there is indeed, a rare treat. Summer or winter, spring, fall, you won’t fine a better place for solitude, beauty, adventure and culinary pampering. Quite simply, THE POST is one of the finest hotels I’ve stayed in.

There’s two big factors going for it, Andre’ and George Schwarz. No, no, I don’t mean they’re big, I mean the Swiss brothers bring to Lake Louise the absolute best in making a hotel as comfortable as your home.

An impeccably trained staff, from general manager to housekeeping, backs the brothers; this team is 100% professional and a most pleasant group of folks. Each member of the staff I visited with from top management to housekeeping, all seem to really enjoy what they do.

Quite a few of the young people are from Switzerland, who journey here for a year or two—some 20—to learn the mastery of inn keeping at THE POST. The employees are trained by the best, enjoy sensational skiing in winter, hiking and biking in summer. I’d guess, it’s kind of like dying and going to heaven.

Walking down the stairs from the second floor one day, I noticed a wall light and wondered why there were no cobwebs on it. It was indicative of the way the Schwarz brothers keep the place. In fact, a former employee of THE POST told me that he’s seen staff use toothbrushes to scrub the bathrooms. Trust me, you’ve never seen a cleaner hotel.

Terrific rooms, indoors swimming pool, fireside lounge, great for meetings; especially you want to eat great.

THE POST is a few miles from Lake Louise and a fine place to avoid the noise and hustle of the large crowds generally at the lake. For Americans there’s the added bonus of the currency exchange. So, if you’re in a skiing mood, or want a summer retreat, remember that magical place in Lake Louise. THE POST gives you the most.