© Jerry Stanecki

As it so often happens in the darkness of the dawn, from deep in the canyons of my mind, comes the echo’s of peaceful places and good times past. It happened again this morning. This time the memory came with music.

Da dum, da dum, da da de dum, “I know. . .a place. . .that no one knows— it’s Ferrando’s Hideaway,” ba, bomp.

I know, I know, the song is “Hernando’s Hideaway,” not Ferrando’s and it’s from “Pajama Game,” But, I’m talking about a wonderful escape to Ferrando’s Hideaway, in Point Reyes Station, Calif. Doris and Greg Ferrando are two of the nicest, down-home folks you’ll meet. My friend John Manis introduced us some 20 years ago.

What makes Ferrando’s doubly terrific is the warmth of Doris and Greg and that Ferrando’s Bed &

Breakfast is a short distance from the incredible Point Reyes National Seashore.

Not an hours drive from San Francisco, Point Reyes is a spiritual place, a place of renewal. How easily the crunching from your step sing a lullaby as the smell of the sea clears the fog in your head. Let yourself become one with the clouds drifting off the Pacific, as seabirds soar and sing to you their songs.

Hike the 1.6-mile Divide Meadow trail, or get really physical and hike the Palomarin Trail along the ocean. It’s almost 12 miles one way and during the right time of years you’ll see migrating Gray whales, Tule elk, wild poppies and Black-crowned night herons. Walk this land and think of how to this day, the land baffles geologists because rocks on this coast match rocks found on Tehachapi Mountains more than 300 miles away.

Slow down, look around. The slower you go, the more alive the universe around you becomes. The warnings to check tide tables before walking beaches to avoid being stranded and the signs telling of heavy surf and treacherous currents add just the touch of danger that stimulants.

After your day of exploring, return to Ferrando’s Hideaway. A country garden, flowers and vegetables (organic, of course) surround the luxury cottages. The refrigerator in each is stocked with organic foods and breakfast items. It’s a place of peace and warmth. A place to relax in your private hot tub under the stars.

Greg spent years as a painter—houses and the like. A couple of years ago the phone rang. It was opportunity calling. The voice asked if Greg would he like some old paint.

“Sure,” Greg said, and drove over to pick it up.

“I was stunned because there was loads of paint,” Greg told me. “No, not house paint, but very expensive acrylics—artists acrylics.”

The paints had belonged to Sam Francis, a world famous abstract artist who had lived in Point Reyes until his death.

Point Reyes is a place where magical things happen. And speaking of magical, Greg found himself staring at the paint one day. Suddenly, he put a big canvass on the ground, climbed up a stepladder and started throwing paint.

“I found that I love to paint in the rain and the results are very unusual,” Greg said.

Unusual indeed, and profitable. Today, Greg’s art sells for thousands of dollars. Several pieces of Greg’s art hang in Germany and Israel, as well as this country, while other Ferrando abstracts hang in two luxury cottages that are Ferrando’s Hideaway.


Contact Doris Ferrando at 800-337-2636 or www.Ferrando.com