© Jerry Stanecki

Wedgewood. For years when I heard wedgewood, I thought of china, crystal or the color, like in Wedgewood blue. Today when I hear wedgewood, I immediately think Vancouver, B.C. and one of the finest and most comfortable little hotels you could hope to find.

In the very heart of a fascinating city on Robson Square you will find the exquisite Wedgewood Hotel. The address—to be precise, as everything is at the Wedgewood— is 845 Hornby Street.

Privately owned and operated by Greek-born Eleni Skalbania, the folks at Wedgewood like to say the hotel combines comfort, class and service, service, service. Ah, I don’t know if they really say service three times, but that’s what I say because the attention to your needs and wants can only be defined as impeccable. Indeed, the service is so flawless it’s beyond any criticism. From owner to housekeeping, the staff cannot do enough for you. That, my friends, is as they say down south, “livin’ in tall cotton.”

If you’ve never experienced a great European hotel, you can live the dream by a quick trip to Vancouver and a stay at the Wedgewood.

Fresh flowers, original works of art, antiques add to the overall plush. And, for cocktails and dining it’s the Bacchus dining room just across from check-in.

Bacchus, in classical mythology, was the god of wine and was worshiped with orgiastic and ecstatic rites. Dinner was good, but I didn’t see anybody running naked through the restaurant shouting, “Bacchus is alive, Bacchus is alive.” Oh, well, perhaps another night.

What’s terrific about the Wedgewood is if you fine it almost full occupancy, don’t fret because from a regular executive room to the penthouse suite with terrace, the accommodations in this house are luxuriously superb. You’ll be comfortable in any room.

Now, for the good part. Late afternoon of each day you suddenly a whiff of something so seductive that it brings mountains of warm memories. Cookies, like mom used to make, are prepared and baked in house each and every day, then placed in every room. As they say in New York, the chocolate chip cookies “Are to die for.”

My daddy always said when you’re serving the public; one of the most important things is location, location, and location. When in Vancouver, the Wedgewood is the cherry on the hot fudge Sunday. In the heart of the city, you have everything available to you within minutes.

From spa to Frette Egyptian cotton bathrobes, to 24 hour room service, to the uniformed doorman, The Wedgwood Hotel highly recommended for your comfort is a place where you can absolutely have it your way. And, when you get there, please give my best to all.

info@wedgewoodhotel.com Free Canada/USA 800-663-0666