“There’s a small hotel,”— just like the lyrics of the song, this LA hotel tucked away in a West Hollywood neighborhood is a place where you’ll combine comfort, service and have a good chance of running into . . .well, just about any, and all types of entertainers.

Leparc Suites

I settled into a lounge chair poolside at Le Parc when I noticed an atypical looking couple sitting at a table near the pool. Strange, I thought, bikers are not generally into boutique hotels. The man looked like he’d been rode hard and put to bed wet. Long, stringy dirty blond hair with a face that had the look of a bad remod job after a lot of hard years of living with finishing touches by a Mack truck.

The blonde buxom woman sitting with him was attractive and tough looking. I mean, she looked like she could handle her own if attacked by three guys.

The next morning, I happened to be standing at the desk when they showed up to check out. He was dressed in black and had on some serious shit kicker cowboy boots, Indian brackets, shades and leather vest. I flashed on Paladin, remember him, the gun for hire from the old television series, “Have gun will travel?” She was dressed similar.

“Heading for the office?” I said to him.

“Yeah, another day,” he rasped in what can be described as a whiskey-aged voice.

What? Who were they?

Why, it was “Dog” and his wife—Mrs. Dog? The duo is the latest addition to the A&E Channel. They are real life bounty hunters and were on the promotion circuit pushing a show that premiered the following week.

Another time the elevator opened and five very beautiful women, heavy with English accents, got on. It was a perfect time to be wearing my Speedo. Kidding.

The girls are a UK rock group who were in town to shoot promotional videos. Lazing around the rooftop pool watching pretty women performing in front of a camera was a pleasant form of entertainment.

Oh, and there was another “Brit” there. A blonde haired fellow whose entire head was bandaged. Apparently, he’d holed up at LeParc while having a bit of extreme plastic surgery retreading done.

LeParc is a cool hotel near the action, but far enough away for privacy. Kitchenettes make it comfortable for light lunch, breakfast in, or just a cup of coffee in the evening, perhaps sitting in front of the gas fireplace.

It’s a place where a lot of entertainers—albeit a sub A list stay.

Not far from the famous Sunset strip, Le Park offers a roof top pool, tennis court and large suite like rooms with kitchenettes.

A drawback in the rooms is too much furniture, but it’s quiet. The very pleasant out-to-please staff is excellent at serving the needs of guests, celeb’s and non-celebrities alike.

The hotel is a short walk to Melrose and the Pacific Design Center. Lots of activity in the area.

LeParc, is clean, comfortable and entertaining. Suites run in the neighborhood of $150 and up. I recommend it.

733 North West Knoll Drive
West Hollywood CA 90069
tel 310 855 8888
fax 310 659 7812