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I opened the screen door, walked into the room and stopped. Suddenly, I felt myself slipping into another time and place. It was like walking into a 1940’s cabin in the woods. The feeling was that quick, that intimate, that pleasant.

Windemere Cottage is built partly on stilts, nestled among huge ferns. It’s one of several different rooms/suites at Inverness Ridge.

Windemere Cottage is the kind of place you’d see in an old 1940’s movie as the comfortable personal hideaway where Jimmy Stewart goes to escape from the madness of Hollywood. It is a place for solitude and relaxation. A window couch loaded with soft pillows waits for you and lazy hours of reading. A small wood stove provides heat when the ocean brings cool winds. A small kitchen tucked in rear of the cabin is right below the loft where comfortable double size pleasure awaits. Why, there’s even an outside shower for those brave enough to really want to do some time traveling back to the ole days.

The website for Inverness Ridge is one of the neatest sites I’ve seen. www.invernessridge.com is a very cleaver presentation that immediately sets a mood for what can be yours, if you follow.

Innkeeper Laura Holland is an interesting and very pleasant young woman who is very excited about pleasing her guests. She and her husband purchased the inn a few years ago and starting putting heart, soul and greenbacks into the place.

A combination of French country and old continent appointments in a room filled with books is how Laura pays tribute to Gertrude Stein. The room is called Gertrude’s Atelier. With a little imagination, you can see Gertrude sitting in the side aside a garden overlooking the hills and valley of Point Reyes in front of the room named after her. It has charm and comfort and most of the time a sunny spot to sit and read.

Is Inverness Ridge convenient?

You bet it is. If you suddenly want to drive into the city for dinner, that’s San Francisco, it’s an hour and a few minutes away. However, driving to the city once you’ve arrived at the inn is the farthest thing from your mind for you have arrived at one of the most beautiful places on the continent.

Standing on the porch of the Windemere Cottage you inhale the freshness of Pacific Ocean air, and realize that you are among the first to do so, before it continues it’s journey across the America.

Watch the fog roll across the valley as cattle graze.

When you’re ready to go exploring, this is a wonderful place to do it. You are just minutes from Point Reyes National Seashore, a spiritual place, and a place of renewal. The sun warms you and the smell of the sea clears the fog in your head as you hike the 1.6-mile Divide Meadow trail. Stopping. you stand where the earth split in 1906, causing the worst earthquake in San Francisco history. Read the historical sign that tells the story of how the earth swallowed a local farmers cow. Or, did it?

Hike the Palomarin Trail along the ocean as deer crisscross in front of you. It’s almost 12 miles one way and during the right time of years you’ll see migrating Gray whales, Tule elk and Black-crowned night herons. Slow down, look around. Take several deep breaths and be grateful for the wonderful gift of the moment. The slower you go, the more alive the universe around you becomes.

If you walk the beach check tide tables before hand to avoid being stranded. Respect the signs telling of heavy surf and treacherous currents and enjoy the edge it gives you. When you grow weary, a perfect ending to hike waits for Windemere Cottage when you snuggle up on the window loveseat with a good book. It only takes a page or two to send you to dreamland.

Inverness Ridge is a warm and comfortable place to visit alone, or together. Friendly, quite charming hosts top off your visit. There are five unique experiences in lodging here, and a perfect place to return to, each time staying in a different room.

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