© Jerry Stanecki

“Sorry for the delay, but we only allow trailers up to 8 feet long on the ship,” the Captain said to me, as he tried to clear the way for passengers to drive their vehicles off the Lake Express Ferry.

He and several crew members had been trying for about 15 minutes to get a truck and trailer off the center of the boat and onto Michigan dry land.

“This trailer is 8’6” and this delay is going to cost the company about a thousand dollars.” He added.

“Why didn’t they measure it before it loaded on?” I asked.

“ I was told they did, but apparently they didn’t do a good job.” The Captain answered. Another five minutes and the truck and motorcycle trailer were off and the rest of us followed.

Interesting, as people waited not one horn was blown in irritation. People just waited patiently until the matter was cleared up.

I was returning to Michigan from Milwaukee of Lake Express, a company apparently is not hurting from the economy for the only time available for me was 6 AM or 7 PM. The midday trip was, as mine turned out to be, booked solid. The day before had been the same.

The two and a half hour trip across Lake Michigan from Milwaukee, Wis. to Muskegon, Mi. had been a smooth trip despite 3 to 4 foot waters that seemed to toss the boat around, It was kind like rocking a baby to sleep, which come to think of it, happened to me as I slept about an hour during the crossing. That was a lot more comfortable then the stress filled driving through the Chicago area would have been.

The Lake Express Ferry celebrated its 6th year of providing ferry service from Michigan to Milwaukee and back for cars, motorcycles and bikes.

As far as the service provided. . .it’s excellent and at today’s gas prices to relax while somebody else does the driving is the way to go. If I were smart, I would have taken the Lake Express Ferry both ways instead of driving the one way from Detroit to Milwaukee. The problem was when I wanted to go, I didn’t give Lake Express enough warning to get a place on the boat, so book your reservation early, in fact the earlier the better.

Lake Express operates from the first of May through the end of October.

On the Internet go to: lake-Express.com or call 866-914-1010 for your reservation.

Jerry Stanecki