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Here’s some of your neighbors thoughts:

Dear Mr. Stanecki,

I just wanted to say that I am a fan of your column, and that your words have made a difference in my life at times when I needed a lift. I look forward to reading your column, and wish to thank you for your words of wisdom and at times wit.



Mr. Stanecki,

I had to let you know how inspirational your writings are.  I was moved by today’s column regarding taking care of oneself.  “Is it time to learn how to take care of you?” you asked.  Yes, it is.  Saying that and acting on it are very different!

As the mother of two young boys, I find it difficult to take care of myself.  I almost feel selfish and guilty taking time for myself, but while reading your column today I realized that NOT taking care of me is probably the worst thing I could do to my kids.

Thank you.

Karen Calcaterra

Jerry’s Answer:
Wow, CONGRATULATIONS!  It took me 40 years to begin to learn how to take care of me. Your casting guilt to the winds and  caring for you is a terrific gift to your family. . .and more importantly, you. Your quality of life is what you teach your children and for you to stop the generational cycle of guilt because you take care of yourself is wonderful.

Keep reading,


Today’s column helped me a great deal. I have so many worries lately regarding serious  health problems in my family. I was bundling them all up into one big problem.

When I read your column today it made me realize that I can deal with things much better if I take one problem at a time.  I also realize now that I am not in control of any of the things that are worring me. Thank you for your wisdom.

Mollie Y


Dear Mr. Stanecki,

I much enjoyed today’s column about the Jolly brothers. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy reading your previous columns. But today’s struck a special note. The Jolly brothers loved and lived life. Many years ago I consciously made a decision to try to do that. I figured that old people are grumpy because their young lives were grumpy, or because they were disappointed  with having missed opportunities. So far, I’ve been quite successful,  although I think I did miss an opportunity to take flying lessons a  couple of years ago.

So thanks for a delightful column.

Bernard J.


Thanks Jerry – I needed your article today, and I have cut it out of the paper and will carry it with me as a reminder of the little old dog that could be a lion.
Susanne Melton

What a great change it is to read a story that everyday can apply to me!! The last line on fri….”.It’s a terrific feeling to be in charge of me.” really rang a bell.
Mark Grenzicki

Jerry Stanecki, Jerry Stanecki, Jerry Stanecki, I look forward to reading your column in the Oakland Press. You make me laugh. You make me cry. Please, let me know when your TV Special is going to be aired. I don’t want to miss it. Happy Holidays!
Iris Stigler

“It’s wonderful to see these positive articles in the newspaper. You provide ideas that we can practice right away to make our days richer and more meaningful. I’ve passed along your kindness article to the minister at my church. I thought she might be able to use it in a Sunday talk.”
Christian Belz

“I think it is wonderful the way you write straight from the heart. You express your inner most feelings to your readers and pull at our heart strings by doing so.”
Jean Kecskes

“I am totally hooked on your column in the Oakland Press.”
Robin Mathers

“After reading your “riveting” column–I took a moment to pick up the dictionary to get a clear definition of “rivet” It says, to engross-to hold. You got my attention!
Arlene Younger

“I always enjoy your writing, but this morning you seemed to be talking directly to me!”
Diane Meyers

“Sixty-three years old and sending my first fan letter! Today I had to let you know that I truly understood what you were saying and it came at a time when I really needed to hear or read something so very positive.
Patricia A. Fisher

“I have been touched and moved and inspired by so many of your columns.—
Gerald Duncanson

“I read your article in Sunday’s paper on testing others and I thought it was the most enlightening thing I’ve heard in a while coming from a man.”
Bill Kawa

“My whole family looks forward to your column. We highly recommend it to all our friends and share them whenever we can. Have you ever thought about a book?

“Just a note to inform you of the pleasant surprise you have provided by your column. It is like a glow of hope in the vast darkness.
Lowell T. Chuba

“I have cut out your (column) and intend to share it with my colleagues for both the anecdote and the larger lesson on life that it contains, Thanks.”
Les Schultz Detroit Public Schools

“My friend sends me your newspaper columns and I enjoy them immensely. Love your articles.”
Evelyn Lloyd- Niagara On The Lake, Ontario

I still have a ways to go in excepting and being comfortable with myself, but your columns are an inspiration to me and when I finish reading them, I let out a big sigh and know that things will be fine. Thanks again and keep them coming!
Larry Meyers

“Just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your articles. I’ve saved most of them. I am really able to connect with so many of your ideas. I remember you on TV as a sort of intense, hard noses reporter, but your sensitivity and optimism shine through in your articles.”
Jan Hill

“Jerry, you’re truly blessed, your writing is so eloquent. You have a gift of expressing your feelings.”
Cindy Leonard

” Jerry, Another great article!! Your column is the best part of the Sunday Oakland Press!”
Bobbie Gregory

“I am so touched in my soul, like, yea’ I’m connected to that same attitude, emotion etc. as Jerry. This is a real guy that will share his personal stories from his spirit-self with a desire to touch others. I thank you for your column, for the unique way in which you share the good of your own experience that others may find their good.”
Arlene Younger

I have enjoyed it (column) so much that now I am like a person on a mission to get to the Sunday paper to see what kind of feeling you will evoke from me this week. Thank you so much for touching me with your stories, and giving me this rush of excitement. Please keep the stories coming….I can’t wait for Sunday!

I wrote to you a while back and enjoy your outlook on life today. In the past my glass was half empty. I did a 180 degree turn with my attitude and it’s amazing how things have changed. Your column inspired me to look for ways to enact RAOK’s in my life today. Thank you. Happiness is contagious.
Dee Aquilina

Your columns are so straight forward. I believe that you convey how so many of us really do feel inside. But, most of us are just too weak to open up and admit any of our faults or shortcomings.
Sue Hatcher

“I read Jerry Stanecki’s “chicken soup” column and I’ll feel on top of the world again. Keep up the good work Jerry—we love ya!”
Betty Jane Gerber/Rochester

“I feel compelled to commend you, Mr. Stanecki, on the absolutely wonderful articles you have written for your column. Not only were the pieces beautifully crafted, demonstrating your talent as a word smith, but they were also filled with beauty, truth and substance. That is a blend seldom found, or sought for that matter, in today’s journalism. How refreshingly inspirational!”
Lisa Marie

I read your column and started to cry, which was a good thing because I was not letting myself feel anything but anger. I do have a choice and I can choose. Often when I try and “let it go” I feel like I am giving up, not trying hard enough, surrendering is so hard for me. I don’t want to react with drama, self pity, anger, intolerance and ego. I really needed those words this morning, I feel like you wrote them for me. Its amazing to me how just what I needed was in the morning paper. Thanks again,
Marcee Grunow

Dear Jerry Stanecki,
You make me smile, you make me laugh, but most of all you make me think! Thank You for all your great columns.
Jeannie Schwartz

You write some incredibly touching and straight to the heart columns that I never fail to read in the paper. I can relate to every column you have written.
Tom Gadowski

It’s nice to read your peaceful columns in a media so flooded with negativity, violence, materialism………. Just wanted to share that.
Cathy Froge

“I have saved the past 5 articles you have written along with some other articles I want to share with my children( ages 7,4,3). I love your articles–there is a lesson for everyone. I also love your honesty & sincerity in your writing.”
Julie McDowell

It seems that sometimes you were writing to me. I would be having a particular problem and sure enough you would give some positive insight that always helped and lifted my spirits.
Nancy Bennett

I find your writings and meandering thoughts quite to my liking and coming from a very similar place as my own. It pleases me no end to see this kind of thought and words being published in a traditional hometown newspaper! This is my way of thanking you for giving us some really delicious tasting thoughts to chew on Sunday mornings and/or during the week. I come away feeling the better. Thank you for growing with us in the public light so that your own (light) reflects gloriously on others.
Virginia Cowie

I just want to tell you the first column I read was the one about the goose and the terrier at Cranbrook. Then and there, I became a Jerry Stanecki fan. The insight and sensitivity of the column really spoke to me. ”
Barb in Clarkston Michigan

I am going through some very difficult things in my life right now and your writings have brought some insight to me and made me stop and think of things in a different way. I hope I can make it through my current situation and become as understanding and compassionate about life, as you are, conveyed through your writings. God Bless you.
Gary Atkins

I look forward to your weekly columns and I also save them for future reading. Too many times in life we become wrapped up in superficial issues in life. As an oncology nurse I believe that I have realized the true importance of life. Your articles are a joy to read. May God bless you for your message.
Joanne Dombrowski

Just a short note to let you know that I really enjoy your column each week… it’s the first thing that I turn to in the Oakland Press on Sunday. They really should give you the front page column of Section C .
Andrea Gallucci

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